Ready to sell?

With inventory at a record low.  This might be the best time for you to sell.  Sellers are receiving multiple offers, homes are selling at a faster pace, and many buyers are left waiting for the next big thing. This might be the best time to bring out your To-Do List and jot down in BOLD lettering “IT”S TIME TO SELL”.  Selling your home can be a stressful journey to embark and it starts with deciding whether you would tackle the venture on your own or do you hire a professional real estate agent for the job.

One reason why sellers are not hiring REALTORS may be that they want to save more money in the sale of their home by opting out from paying a commission.   Most sellers do not know that the real estate agents commission is not exempt from the negotiating table. You can save money while benefiting from the expertise of a real estate agent. Does that sound reasonable?

How do commissions work?

The average commission rate in New Jersey is between 5 percent and 6 percent.  A Licensed Real Estate Agent gets paid when the sale of a home comes to a completion. The amount is based on the price of the sale.  In most cases, two real estate agents are involved; the Realtor representing the seller and the Realtor representing the buyer. The commission is split in half if the rate is 6 percent the buyer’s agent receives half or 3 percent of the commission. Let’s do the math together.  If a home sells for $300,000 at six percent the seller pays $18,000 in commissions, buyers agent receives $9,000 and sellers agent receives $9,000. That is before they split with their individual brokerage company.

Looking at these numbers can we agree that receiving a discount on the real estate commission can save you more than just pocket change?

Will service be the same as the agent who is working for a 6 percent commission?

Sellers are often led to believe that the higher the percentage the higher the quality of service.  While that may be a sales approach adopted by many realtors there is a possibility of paying less and receiving more, without affecting the level of service you deserve.

Maximum exposure is a crucial step towards selling your home for the best price possible and at the least amount of time. If you list your home with Star One Realty for a starting commission rate of 3.75% we will provide you with a full service including effective marketing strategies, professional pictures, advertising at STARONEREALTY.NET, exposure via recognized real estate sites such as, Trulia, and Zillow, and the expertise of an agent who will walk you through the process and become your advocate, negotiating deals with your best interest at mind. At Star One Realty we will advertise your home in three major MLS (Multiple Listing Services).  The MLS is an extensive database of properties for sale. This will widen the exposure of your home as it gives us the opportunity to cooperate with other REALTORS who are working with qualified and ready to go buyers.

Star One Realty agents do not cut corners. We are waiting to assist you in the process of selling your home at a discount rate you will be happy to know more about. To sit with one of our trusted agents please contact Cecilia Stevanoski at (201) 682-1061.